Chaos in Korvosa

Season 1 Episode 5 - The Veteran's Vault

Kilmeister recieves a note from an old associate Sascha Antif-Arah to meet her outside of Korvosa in one of the tenements. He brings with him Aparná, Durpa, and Pig Dog. There, Sascha asks Kilmeister to recover for her an old locket that has sentimental value. For this, the party may keep all of the treasure she has stashed down there. Upon entering the sewer, the are confronted by a hungry otyugh who offered safe passage for food, until Pig Dog starting eating it himself. Afterwards, they came across a couple of thugs who were spooked into attacking them by a mischievous gremlin. The gremlin followed them through the sewers doing stupid little things like making it smell bad. The group encountered a couple of fungus creatures and were eventually attacked by a pair of gremlins. One escape. Pig Dog found a broken door and tried to bash it down after Durpa failed to open it with here newfound lockpicking skills. Unfortunately the door was wedged tight and Pig Dog merely alerted the entire area of their presence with his banging. Durpa then failed to disarm a trap, taking a javelin to the chest. Eventually, they were assaulted by a sorcerer gremlin and her darkmantle friend, whom they readily defeated. Pig Dog ate the sorcerer whole and managed to heal his wounds and turn invisible for a while. He pooped out a magic robe of needles.


skill point or hit point?

Eak Eak

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