Chaos in Korvosa

Season 1 Episode 7 - Shut In Part II

After spending the night in the Dromdal Manor, Kilmeister, Aparná, Durga, and Pig Dog did some further investigation of the grounds. Ceseli gave them a guided tour of the mansion, then went to take a nap, weary of trying to stay strong in front of her mother’s guests. Pig Dog opened the elevator shaft which Lady Dromdal uses to travel up and down stairs, and discovered the shaft led down. He attempted to climb down, but instead fell to the bottom. When he opened the door, he was attacked by Ritter, the death dog. Aparna and Durga attempted to climb down, but fell as well. Combat ensued, but at some point, Aparna stood, provoking a opportune attack which managed to also catch Durga’s arm, severing it at the wrist. Aparna and Durga were down, bleeding. Pig Dog, after taking a large chunk out of the beast, attempted to revive Aparna, but the death dog managed to take a bite out of him and Aparna, sending them both into unconsciousness. Kilmeister valiantly attempted to climb down, but he fell too. Then Ritter charged, biting him in the throat. Kilmeister fell, and Ritter fed on the dying team.


Eak Eak

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