Ceseli Turner-Dromdal

Daughter of Auraluna and the new Lady Dromdal.


Height: 5’3"
Weight: 111 lb.
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Lightly tanned
Hair: Blonde, slight wave

Ceseli is a beautiful young widow, dressed like a puppet in whichever outfit Lady Dromdal desires on her. She often koeps her head down and is very quiet.


Ceseli Turner-Dromdal is a widow. Her husband, Mikael Turner, was killed by the Swan Street Slicer. He was one of the first victims of the serial killer.

She seems quiet and reserved, and has shown signs of abuse – bruise marks on her upper arms. Her room is that of a little girl’s.

The actions of her mother and the horrors she witnessed have caused her to grew up a bit. She is gracious to the party now.

Ceseli Turner-Dromdal

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