Hagel the Black

Dragon Oracle 1


Human male

Str 14
Int 10
Wis 12
Con 14
Dex 8
Cha 18

Hp: 11
Ac: 14
Flat footed: 15
Touch: 9

Fort: 4
Reflex: -1
Will: 3

Bab +0
Morning star ( two hands) +2/1d8 + 3

Diplomacy +8, Intimidate: +10, fly +3, perception +5, heal +5

Love lost: all alone
Armor master

Extra revelation
Extra revelation

Breath weapon: 30ft cone of acid 1d6 X11/day
Draconic aura
Draconic senses: dark vision 60ft.

Spells (4 and 2)
Detect magic
Detect poison
One more

Cause fear
Cure light wounds
Shield of Faith

Scale mail
Spiked gauntlet


Hagel remembered the front door. It was slightly open, which was strange. His wife would never do that, she always checked. She even ran back to double-check sometimes, the woman was terrible at being on time.

But partially open? Hagel did his best to move quietly, and eased the door to the shop open. Trouble. The place was a mess, goods tossed everywhere. They’d been robbed, the chest behind the counter was gone, as was the cudgel.

Hagel moved into the back room. His wife was face down, cudgel in one hand. It hadn’t been enough.

That was the night Hagel had dropped to his knees, and prayed to the gods to give him strength enough to take his vengeance. He wished to tear his foes limb from limb, like a mighty dragon.

That was also the night the gods answered, whispering the name ‘Devargo Barvasi’ into his ear.

Hagel the Black

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