Character Creation

Create two PCs. 20 point buy. Maximum starting gold. Maximum hit points every level. Unchained versions of classes. Pick two traits, one of which must be a campaign trait. XP won't be tracked. This is a casual game you have max hit points so have fun with suboptimal builds. You might want to at least make sure one of the builds is simple to run.

Updated Character Guide
*Traits*’ replace Gaedren Lamm to Devargo Barvasi for your traits

Races: Core, Featured, and Uncommon except for  drow, strix, duerger, svirnflwhatthefuckthosegnomesarecalled, merfolk, gillmen. Know that "unusual" appearing races will be treated with a bit of racism, and traditionally evil races will be met with hostilely. (Starting attitudes -1 and -2 respectively). 

No guns.

A sense of pride and loyalty to Korvosa will help for adventure hooks.

Character Creation

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