Chaos in Korvosa

Season 1 Episode 4 - Something's Cooking

Aparná, Durpa, D’artan and Bunny were approached by an old lady looking for Kilmeister. She was worried about her neighbor, Gendrew, whom she hasn’t seen for a couple days since his wife, a powerful wizard, left town. She had been hearing strange sounds coming from their home. On the way, they were beset by some dire rats, but they drove them all off. Once inside, they were attacked by an animated poker and book, not to mention the fire elemental that came out of the stove to attack Bunny. Also, they had to subdue a calzone golem in the basement and drive off an imp that was torturing Gendrew. They found the dead imp in the yard on the way out after they were driven off by Gendrew’s wife, Andolyn, for stealing silverware.


Eak Eak

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