Chaos in Korvosa

Season 1 Episode 6 - Shut In Part I

The Korvosan Guard has been busy dealing with the riots and chaos of the transition from King Arabasti to Queen Ileosa so Kilmeister, Aparná, Durpa, and Pig Dog are approached by Captain Kroft in order to deal with a particular problem. A serial killer known as the Swan Street Slicer has escaped custody. He has targeted the older nobles around the Swan street area of Korvosa so the nobles have been crying for guards to help protect them. The party was sent to help protect Lady Auraluna and her daughter Ceseli, the latter who’s husband was murdered by The Slicer only a month ago.

On the way, the group encountered a particularly hungry otyugh. Once there, they had dinner, explored the manor, and found that Lady Auraluna keeps and extraordinary amount of meat on the premises.


Eak Eak

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