Chaos in Korvosa: Revolution

Season 5 Episode 2 - Raven's Rising

46,413 XP

After fleeing the scene of state sanctioned brutality against the peaceful protesters; a protest that went out of control from outside agitators loyal to the queen, the heroes found more of the Proud Children beating on an old acquaintance, Amin Jalento. After defeating the thugs, Amin let them in on some of the history of Korvosa.

Years ago, the Empire of Taldaan had sent forces to install a hegemony within the free lands of the city-states, a group of rebels known as the Silver Ravens had fought against the incurring forces of the Empire. Unfortunately, they lost and the forces of the Taldaan’s were able to instal House Arabasti as King of the city-state of Korvosa. Amin’s parents were members of a secret society called the Order of Archivists, of which they suspect Vencarlo Orisini is also a member. This society has secretly worked in hiding to collect secrets and allies in order to one day rise back up against the forces of Arabasti. But during the Night of Ashes, Queen Ileosa and her allies were able to hunt down and destroy almost all members of the group of potential rebels.

That’s where the heroes come back in. They have been instrumental in saving the city from plagues, thieves, fiends, cults, a giant robot, and some of Arabasti’s covert agents. Now, they have a chance to restore the integrity of the city by raving the Silver Raven’s as a force to be reckoned with.

To do this, they first needed to find documents hidden by the Order of Archivists hidden in an old slaughter house that was infected with shadow creatures and a giant corpseflower. Then, they helped out a serving member of the Order, Laria Longroad, who has a secret hideout below her coffeeshop. A smuggler she he had been working with had disappeared a few days ago but Laria hasn’t been able to look for him because of the current evens of the city have taken up all her time.

When they investigate, they were attacked by a giant albino crocodile, and immediately after, but a forvalaka, a vampiric were-leapard that hungers for human flesh and is ridiculously fast. After defeating the forvalaka, they come across a trio of Shoanti women. The forvalaka was a member of their tribe, but contracted the lycanthropy and killed some people. Reluctant to abandon the sister, they were to be smuggled out of the city but Chough, the forvalaka, got hungry and killed the smuggler and they have been hiding in fear ever since. They agreed to join the rebellion instead of running away.

Later, the heroes go word that there were some mercenaries that had been captured and held in the local saltworks. They enacted a mission to rescue the mercenaries, led by Forvian Crowe, who also decided to join in the cause against House Arabasti.


Eak Eak

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