Chaos in Korvosa: Revolution

Season 5 Episode 3 - Missions in Korvosa

49157 XP

While Amin got to work decoding the documents of the old Silver Raven revolutionary group, our heroes decided to embark on a series of missions to help the people of Korvosa.

First, they investigated a series of gruesome murders where the victims have had all of their teeth removed. Through interviews and setting up Askar as bait, they were able to lure out the culprits, a murder of tooth fairies, not the mythical beings that leave money for tooth, but an evil fey that murders people and rips teeth from their victims skulls. After tracking down the last of the tooth faeries to their lair, they discovered a murdered young Varisian boy, tied up by his own sinews which were inscribed with words from an ancient, irredeemebly evil language of the Abyss. It appears the boy was used in a decrepit sacrificial ritual to summon the tooth faeries.

Next, they heard of trouble down at Clenchjaw’s tavern. Something was putting Rinston, the tavern proprietor to sleep while riling up the crowds into brawls. It turns out, it was nothing more than a faerie dragon that lost its previous home on the Night of Ashes, and was entertaining itself at Clenchjaw and his patron’s expense. The dragon, Vendalfek, decided to join our heroes cause.

After that, the heroes found word that Askar’s partner, Lixy, had been captured by a group of the Arabasti Citizen Group thugs, a local band of incels that have aligned themselves with the crown. Luckily, Saul being an evoker, was able to fireball the whole excruciation set up, a dog housing event, without hurting Lixy nor the dogs. Askar and Lucian the Solution, now dressed as the infamous vigilante Blackjack, came in and finished off the once proud boys to the delight of the crowd. Yes, Blackjack is back!

Finally, word reached them about a gang of thugs that have been robbing and murdering citizens. This cannot do, and the heroes tracked down the location of these criminals. It turned out to be a group of wights led by a minor vampire. After a bit of a skirmish, the heroes vanquished the foul undead.


Eak Eak

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