Chaos in Korvosa: Revolution

Season 5 Episode 4 - Redactions and Revenge

57,270 XP

Amin has finished the translations on the Silver Raven documents, and is convinced that his mother has survived the Night of Ashes and that she is holed up in a secret hideout underneath an old museum called Hocum’s Fantasmagorium.

The heroes set out to investigate the museum, and when they enter they discover reanimated skeletons of some mythical skunk apes, some burnt zombies, two of which were wearing the Jalento signet ring, and likely Amin’s parents.

They also fought of some giant spiders, and ninja librarians that led by a cleric of an evil deity that were removing select historical documents to be stored for later corruption. The ninja librarians were tough foes, and the heroes had to face more in the Many-Steps Monastery below the museum.

But the first creature they encountered was a sardonic summoned creature from the outer planes, whom was made out of flying pages of paper. Yilliv was its name and it wasn’t terrible impressed with the people that summoned it, but had to follow orders to not let anyone in. Being pretty hostile to its summoners, he gave up plenty of information about them before not fighting very hard against a banishment spell.

After that, they snuck down the hallway and got the drop on more ninja librarians with an Evard’s black tentacle spell. Still, the ninja librarians with their multiple attacks and ability to trip, disarm, and stun using a flurry of maneuvers, almost got the best of them. The heroes decided to retreat and keep watch on the place from across the street.

Three hours later, a hulking deformed brute opened the door and out walked a couple ninja librarians, a stern looking Grey Maiden, and a large monster known as a howler.

The heroes surmised that the group was heading back to the palace, so set up and ambush and took out the group of villains before they could reach the castle. Unfortunately, the stern Grey Maiden, who was able to summon a lemure devil by the way, was able to make her escape by way of dimension door. If only the heroes knew just how close to death she really was.


Eak Eak

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