Chaos in Korvosa: Revolution

Season 5 Episode 5 - Big Trouble in Old Korvosa

64,000 XP

The heroes went back to Hocum’s where they found a small crew of Grey Maidens led by a Grey Magus. They were overseeing a group of Arabasti Citizen thugs who were removing a large amount of books. After a brutal, drawn out fight, the Grey Magus, with nothing left to lose, fireballed the wagon carrying the books before meeting her end. Sorting through the burnt remains revealed that the books were all history books on Korvosa as well as the empire of Taldaan itself.

Later, they rendezvoused with Setrona Sabinus, and they headed out to the Shrine of St. Senex which is on a small island off the coast. They rowed out at night, avoid discovery, and met up with the seers, caretaker of the shrine. The seers were enjoying some mushrooms and admitted the Ocatavio was in fact, within the shrine.

The heroes successfully navigated the test, and found Ocatvio who asked them to rescue some of the captured Korvosa Guards located at a holding house that serves as a jail. They were able to secure some forged prisoner transfer papers but aroused the suspicion of Warden Sabo, a flirtatious woman who had the hots for Lucien. Unfortunately she decided that the papers were not in order and that they would need to return with Sabina Merrin’s signature. A well timed charm spell by Saur.

When they released the guards, it turned out one was missing. She was in fact being tortured by a strange devil-woman with knives sticking out of her body. The guard, Hortense Lierre, had one of her arms flensed badly. The heroes opened the door and blasted away with spells. After a bit of an intense battle, the heroes were able to defeat the devil, much to the relief of the prison guards.

After that, another string of murders was brought to there attention. They traced the murders to a clockwork artisan named Varl Wex. Wex was possessed by an evil, intelligent kukri dedicated to the god of murder, Father Skinsaw. At the sight of the kukri Askar got all giddy and picked it right up, but was soon filled with thoughts of murder. The kukri failed to take over his mind but now, they have an evil weapon that takes over minds to make them into serial killers to deal with.


Eak Eak

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