Chaos in Korvosa: Revolution

Season 5 Episode 6 - Retaking the Gold Digger

76,825 XP

The heroes decided the timing was right to revisit their old gambling hall, The Gold Digger, and make it a hideout for the Silver Ravens. Octavio mentioned that there were some hidden dungeons in the place, and that they should be cleared out before making it home again.

When they arrived, they found the gambling hall had been taken over by a couple of Spiders of Leng, who had filled the place with strong web filaments. But they made short work of the indescribable horrors. When they went into the secret basement, they made a deal with some otyughs which had moved into the cellars. They proceeded to make their way through, encountering cult witches, a couple Denizens of Leng, and even a humongous Gug which damn near ate Lucien with its giant sagittal maw for a head.

They made their way further in, fighting off some ghosts and ghasts as well as another humongous monstrosity called a blemyes, which instead of a head, had it’s eyeballs in its shoulders and a giant mouth where its neck would be. After that they decided it was a good time to rest. They found quite a bit of treasure, as well as the deeds to some warehouses owned by a woman named Molly Mayapple in the Vyre City-State not to far away from Korvosa.

They then went make down and fought off some creeps with the Innsmouth look, Lucian disabled a trap after getting cut up a bit, then they fought a couple more of the Innsmouth types, but this time some kind of sorcerer was amongst them as well as couple of chuuls. After that battle, they decided to retreat back to rest up in preparation to finishing the clearing. After all, they did hear some interesting sounds coming from the caverns.


Eak Eak

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