Chaos in Korvosa

Season 1 Episode 8 - Shut In Part III

Shadrach and Zeyanna had just gotten back from traveling abroad when they ran into their old friends Marith and Jonah Avern, brother and sister. The siblings informed the two travelers of the chaos that has been happening in Korvosa after the kings death. While they were talking, they were accosted a drunk guard named Roy Jebiv who had mistaken Shadrach for an old friend. They subdued Grau and delivered him to the Korvosan Guard Citidel and turned him over to Bunny. While talking with Bunny, they were approached by Ceseli, who was ranting about a beast in her basement that was eating her guards.

Bunny told her that there was no guards to spare, but temporarily deputized the four adventurers to take care of the problem. The followed Ceseli to her mansion, and went down the elevator to defeat the beast. Once defeated, they learned that Auraluna, the matron of the house, had kidnapped and imbedded into the walls many of the other nobels around Swan Street. What’s worse, she would talk to them for hours on end about how beautiful she used to look.

The adventures then, after some difficulty, went upstairs to defeat the wheelchair bound old woman and the mentally challenged halfling named Peck, known as the Swan Street Strangler.


Eak Eak

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