Chaos in Korvosa

Season 2 Episode 3 - Flat on Rat Street

Neolandus Kalepopolis, seneschal of Korvosa, was very appreciative of the heroes return of his daughter and paid them handsomely and promised a future favor. A few days later, Saul came to them worried about his manager Larur Feldon, who disappeared after he was supposed to deliver payment for a loan to Lymas Smeed. Lucian and Askar busted in on Smeed, and with Keori ‘s charms and Askar’s threats, figured out that Smeed had nothing to do with Feldon’s disappearance. Further investigation came up with nothing.

About a week later, Saul came to the heroes, asking them to pick up a shipment of rare and exotic liquors. Because of the value, Saul is worried about someone trying to steal them and he was more than right. When they arrived to the docks, they found one of Devargo Barvasi’s enforcers, Braddikar Faje directing his thugs to unload the shipment. After a bit of banter, the heroes and the thugs battled, killing several and they let one go, threatening him to get out of town.

Days later, while closing up The Gold Goblin, several thugs burst through the windows and attacked the bouncers. The heroes fought them off but heard a crashing behind the building. They rushed behind the bar and found Jasker Gant, a martial artist in service to Barvasi. They fought a running battle up to the second floor. Gant escaped through a window and leapt down to the street. The heroes followed, running into more thugs. Gant escaped. In the aftermath, they saw a few darkly clad thieves rushing off, and discovered that The Gold Goblin had been robbed.


Eak Eak

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